3 Reasons to Get a Warhammer Online Guide

One of the major complaints about Warhammer Online during its testing phase was the downtime. Many people said that although the combat and quests in the game were phenomenal, they saw too much of an issue with not feeling as though they were progressing in the game when they patrolled the lands. That is why it is helpful to keep a Warhammer Online Guide with you when you play the game.

Purpose of a Warhammer Online Guide

The reasons for getting a Warhammer Online Guide are fairly self explanatory:

1) When you have a Warhammer Online guide by your side, you will never be lost. For games where getting lost is especially frustrating because you don’t feel as though you are progressing in the game, a guide helps ensure that you are not wasting any time going trying to find a location that could be spent enjoying the quests.

2) Another one of WARs flaws is that it is almost too quest based. That is, there is not a great deal to explore when you are not doing quests. It is expected that this will change over time (possibly by the time the game is released) but if it isn’t then directing yourself towards the next quest is crucial so that you are not wasting your time in areas that you don’t need to be.

3) Finally, a Warhammer Online guide helps you finish the game first, giving you bragging rights against all of your friends. A lot of people believe that the fun in a game is in the exploration, but to be fair to those gamers, a great number of people have a lot of fun simply finishing a game first. You can brag to your friends, you can give away spoilers, and you can give advice to other people since you will have completed everything that they are attempting to complete. Overall, it makes you far more likely to enjoy the game when exploration is not the primary reason you play it.

All three of these reasons are why getting a guide is one of the best ways to enjoy the Warhammer Online game, especially when you are not in it to explore the worlds while not completing quests.

Closing Thoughts

No one is saying that a guide is there to help you breeze through the 우리카지노 game. Rather, the purpose of the Warhammer Online guide is to allow you to look at something when you are lost so that you spend all of your time enjoying the game and as little time as possible frustrated by it.

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