Football Becomes Gender Neutral

The game of football has long been a source of contention among families. The standing jokes of the “man of the house” in a recliner with the remote yelling at the screen while the wife rolls her eyes in the kitchen as she prepares more food for all the “buddies”.

A large number of women have taken to the sport, starting to watch the game fully armed with the knowledge of the rules and plays that accompany it. It seems to be turning towards more of a family event than the men gathering around asking for more refreshments while the women chat in the kitchen.

Some of the key ingredients have stayed the same all the way through. When you are hosting a football party, one of the key elements is generally the food. Having plenty of snack items on hand is key, along with a large flat screen TV and comfortable seating.

Having guests over for football is fun and easy to plan. Since the majority of the time will be spent watching the game, there is not much of a need for any other sort of entertainment. It can be as easy as throwing together some food and sitting all down together. Or, you may want to take it to the next level by decorating with streamers and balloons according to your “teams” colors. It is easy to find paper plates and cups to match, and that makes clean up a snap.

It’s nice to see the football trend change a bit to include both genders. Getting www.ufabet together for any occasion with friends can be a great time, but getting together for a football game can really be a fantastic party “touchdown”.

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