High School Football Officials – Never Stop Learning

New officials often ask for advice and I always tell them: Never stop learning from every experience. I believe that almost ALL games can be used as potential learning experiences. I try to learn something from key situations in games, from other officials (new or old), and from rule changes. Many officials will tell you that it is a good practice to write down your goals before the season starts regardless of how many years you’ve been officiating.

Here is something I recommend as well – keep a journal. Write down what happened during a game. Write down any specific information where you may have had questions about a key situation, penalty enforcement, or coaching questions. Write down the specific event – and use the information as needed to:

  • reread a rule
  • review the signals used
  • reread the penalty enforcement

This just helps enforce what you know or can help you learn specifics in detail, so next time you make the right signals and penalty enforcement. Or this can also confirm that you made the right on-field decision.

Every time I walk off the field after a game, I either write down what happened during the game, or I make mental notes and reread rules, or penalty enforcement about specific plays. Sometimes I do this before I ever leave a school’s parking lot. Why? Because I want to review what happened during the game and individual plays:

  • Did I and the rest of the crew do things correctly?
  • Do I know the rule or rules thoroughly?
  • Did we get the penalty enforcement and signals correct?
  • What can I learn from a specific play?

I like knowing that I have a thorough rule understanding each and every time I walk out on the field. I also believe that it is not only the Referee and Umpire’s responsibility to know the rules, signals and how to enforce penalties – it is everyone’s responsibility. Getting the calls right, communicating, position (field mechanics) and having an open mind about learning are important in becoming a good official.

I also am a firm believer that I can learn from other officials and that it is a ค่าคอมแทงบอล ufabetprivilege to help younger officials whenever I can. I also will never have an attitude that I know everything. I am still learning after 10 years. My very first year I asked an experienced official what was one of the most important things that I could learn the first year. He told me to never stop learning, sharing, and teaching when you could – and that you will never work the ‘perfect’ game. He told me that if you ever do work the ‘perfect’ game – go home, dry clean your official’s uniform and put it behind glass. In other words – you can and should learn from every game and every season.

Almost every year there are points of emphasis – rules to enforce, possible rule changes, or new rules, etc. It is a gr

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