Motocross Games: The Most Exciting Games on Internet

games. Now these games can be played on the internet at professional websites offering online games. Motor bikes are all terrain vehicles that can be operated on highways and rough tracks. For this purpose motor bike championships and races are held all over the world. Motorbike races began in the United Kingdom and got spread in many parts of Europe and USA. The first historical race of bikes was held in the year 1924 at Surrey, Camberley and Great Britain. A time came when super fast motocross games became famous in Britain and Birmingham.

Famous models of bikes designed by AJS and Norton were used in these races. The motorcycles used for racing offline were similar to normal street bikes, in those days. Till 1950s hi tech bikes with modern suspensions and multi gear system came in the market. This made motocross games more adventurous for bike lovers. After the year 1950 500 CC bikes entered the market of automobiles. The first European motorcycle championship was held in the year 1952.

Seeing the popularity of bike racing online motocross games have been designed for pleasure of children, adults and all those who love to ride fast on the road. Kids have special obsession towards racing games. For entertaining kids game experts have introduced various versions of online motorbike racing. Most online versions of motocross games involve racing bikes of various models like Honda and Yamaha etc on the screen. Players can choose any color for their bikes.

They have to ride these bikes and cross all obstacles. They can do this vip168 by making their bikes leap over all obstacles on the way. The arrow keys of the keyboard help the players to operate virtual motorbikes on the screen. By pressing the upward arrow key the bike can be moved forward, by pressing downward arrow key the bike can be moved in the backward direction. By using the right key the bike can be made to leap with its back wheels in upward direction. By using the left arrow key the motorbike can be made to leap with its fore wheels aligned in the upward directions.

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