Popular Football Freestyle Tricks

If you’ve been to a freestyle forum I’m sure you have read things like this “yesterday I pulled this combo of: atw-tatw-htw-htw-amatw-htw” and after you read that part you had absolutely NO idea what that meant. Well… here is a little trick lesson for you.

All tricks executed with the feet can be done both from footstall (balancing the ball on the foot) or juggling/kickups. The most common is to do it from juggling though.

ATW = around the world: The move you see everywhere… while juggling you kick it up, and at the same time you try to spin your leg around the ball. This is the key to ALL combos* out there, easy or hard. If you master this move you will have so much more control! Also many of the ราคาบอลสเต็ป ufabet trick you do with your feet(so called airmoves)is a variation of the around the world trick, so make sure you know it 110%. You can do atw’s both inside and outside, both of them will be displayed in the video you can watch her

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