Your Guide to Flooring Sound Control

The following article explains everything you need to know about the sound control measures you can implement to ensure that flooring does not have an adverse affect on the noise within a building.

What is Sound Control?

Sound control is a means of preventing noise such as voices or music and impact such as footsteps from being carried between rooms in a building.

Why is Sound Control in Flooring Important?

For many people, having peace and quiet in their home or place of work is a top priority. Also, it is also important in venues such as museums or theatres, where excess noise could potentially ruin a performance.

To help achieve this, there are a number of measures which can be implemented to reduce the impact of outside and internal noises in the rooms in your home.

Health and Safety & Building Regulations

Sound insulation is important from a health and safety perspective, as under Government guidelines, people have a right to go about normal daily activities free from the distraction of unnecessary noise and distraction. Because of this, employers have a duty to ensure that the flooring in their offices and premises has adequate provision for sound control.

In addition to this, modern building regulations mean that those building new, or renovating existing properties, must have adequate sound control measures in place.

Types of Sound Control Flooring

There are many different ways of controlling the amount of sound transmitted by using flooring, these include dedicated floor panels, battens and cradles, which hold both flooring and ceiling in place and aim to limit the amount of noise and impact which is transmitted through the floor.

Floating flooring – When looking at effective sound reduction, builders geluidsoverlast buren often implement floating flooring panels, which can be used in both structural or overlay board capacity. In structural terms, the additional rigidity of the floor, together with a special sound-controlling layer, adds effective sound insulation between floors.

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